Sharing Plates

Pulled pork sliders 手撕猪肉小汉堡 | 10

Juicy pulled pork in steamed boa buns with hoisin, chilli, slaw and coriander

Fish bites and squid rings 炸鱼块和炸鱿鱼圈 | 10

Salt and pepper fish bites and crumbed squidrings served with tartare sauce

Crispy fried chicken wings 脆皮鸡翅 | 10

Hot sticky and spicy

Jalapeño poppers 青椒辣子芝士卷 | 10

Jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese,crumbed and fried

Vege Taco 蔬菜玉米饼 | 10

With roasted pumpkin and black bean slaw

Fish Taco 鱼肉玉米饼 | 10

With chipotle mayo and slaw

3 layered Mex dip | 10

Spicy refried beans, cream cheese salsa topped with melted cheddar and tomato salsa served with corn chips

Baked brie 烤布里奶酪 | 10

Served with cranberry sauce, caramelised onion and crusty bread

Beer battered fries with aioli | 8
Wedges with sour cream & sweet chilli sauce | 10
Beer battered fries with melted cheese and gravy  | 12
Curly fries with aioli dip 薯 条卷 | 10

Light Meals

Soup of the day 今日例汤 | 10

Garlic loaf 蒜香面包 | 10

Crispy lemon pepper calamari 脆皮柠檬胡椒鱿鱼圈 | 13

Falafals 炸蔬菜丸子 | 14

With tabouli, tzatziki and grilled flatbread

Classic Caesar 凯撒沙拉 | 17

(Lunch only – till 5 pm)

The Classic Caesar with streaky bacon, poached egg, parmesan and anchovies, topped with croutons

With chicken 配鸡肉加 | 20

Roast pumpkin and feta salad 烤南瓜和羊奶酪沙拉 | 16

Pumpkin, feta, roast peppers and toasted pumpkin

Steak sandwich 牛肉三明治 | 14

(lunch only- till 5pm)

NZ prime steak with caramelized onions on toasted Turkish bread

Chicken sandwich 鸡肉三明治 | 12

(lunch only- till 5pm)

Spiced chicken with melted brie and cranberry on toasted Turkish bread

Filo parcel 脆皮合子 | 10

Filled with mushroom, spinach, feta and served on tzatziki.

Main Meals


Cardrona merino lamb shank卡德罗纳美丽诺羊腿 | 25

Slowly braised New Zealand lamb, served on creamy potato mash with rosemary jus

BBQ pork ribs 熏香排骨 | 22

Stack of chef’s special BBQ pork ribs

Beer battered blue cod 边界路天妇罗啤酒酥皮蓝鳕鱼  | 27

Boundary Road beer battered cod served with fries, salad and tartare sauce

NZ Prime 250g ribeye steak 250 克已调味烤肉眼牛扒  | 29

Grilled to your liking with mushroom or garlic butter sauce, served with salad and roast potatoes

ADD | 8 each

Beer battered fries with aioli

Steamed seasonal vegetables

Fresh garden salad


Beef burger 牛肉汉堡 | 20

Topped with streaky bacon, melted cheese, relish, gherkins, lettuce and tomato on a toasted bun served with beer battered fries

Vegetarian burger 素汉堡 | 19

Falaffels, with tabouli, lettuce, tzatziki on a toasted bun served with beer battered fries

Surcharge on all gluten free buns | 2


All pizza bases are made from scratch in our kitchen with a Napoli tomato base

Margherita 玛格丽特薄饼 | 15

Classic tomato, haloumi and basil pesto

Hawaiian 夏威夷 | 16

Streaky bacon and grilled pineapple

Marinated chicken 腌鸡 | 18

Brie and cranberry

Meat lovers 嗜肉人士/肉客 | 18

Chicken, streaky bacon, chorizo and lamb sausage

Spicy lamb 香辣羊肉 | 18

Harissa spiced lamb, roasted peppers and feta

Salmon 三文鱼 | 18

Salmon, capers, cream cheese and spinach

ADD | 4 each

Mushrooms/ Spinach/ Feta/ Pineapple/ Chorizo/ Bacon /Capsicum

Surcharge on all gluten free pizzas | 2

Kids Menu

All our Kids meals are $10

Mini Pizza:

Margherita/ Hawaiian/ BBQ Chicken & Bacon/ Meat Lovers

Beef Burger & Fries

Fish & Chips

Chicken Salad

Chicken Nuggets & Chips